Lisa didn't think FOOD FREEDOM was possible, until now

Name: Lisa
Age: 37
Start weight: 188lbs
End/Current weight: 148lbs


1 - Tell me about your previous dieting attempts. 

I've been dieting on and off since I was 21 and finished Uni.

I tried Slimming World initially, and it was a constant battle of losing a couple of pounds to putting them back on again. I would be humiliated at the classes if I had gained, and was constantly told if I wasn't following the plan correctly, then it was maybe because I hadn't eaten enough!

In reality, it was the platefuls of pasta and constant pots of Muller light that were all "Free" that were the problem.

After a year of losing the same half a stone over and over again, I joined Weight Watchers and lost the remaining weight relatively easy.

This was then my go-to diet over the next 10+ years, losing and putting on the same 1 or 2 stone.  

A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to macro counting, and it was so refreshing to learn about nutrition rather than following rules that made no sense!

I was a member of Team RH at that point, although I did well, there was absolutely no 1-2-1 support, nothing like the check-ins I had with Munro.


2 - What was it you hoped The Munro Method would do for you? 

I hoped this would help me lose weight and equip me with all the knowledge, so this would be THE LAST time I ever have to do this!

3 - How did you hear about us? 

Around the start of 2019, someone I followed on Instagram mentioned she was a member of Munro Nutrition and was doing brilliantly especially dealing with resolving a binge and restrict cycle.  I started following Jason shortly afterwards when a friend from work said she had signed up and looked amazing.

4 - What was it about us that stood out from other available options?

I liked Jason's straight-talking content, especially the podcast he did around that time called Slimming World; Friend or Foe. (You can catch up on that particular podcast episode HERE).

Everything he said on the podcast resonated with me.

Back then, I didn't need to lose any weight and shortly afterwards fell pregnant with my youngest daughter, but I kept following Jason throughout my pregnancy.

I had lost around a stone shortly before falling pregnant with my youngest by following Team RH, so I knew a bit about macros already but needed the extra support available through the 1-2-1 interaction Munro provides.


5 - Did anything almost put you off coming to work with us?

The only thing that put me off was everything being on Facebook.

I had got rid of Facebook a few years ago and was reluctant to start back on it.

Instead, what I did was set up a new account purely for accessing Munro, and it was fine.


6 - What made you bite the bullet and sign up?

My youngest daughter was born 1 week before the start of the first lockdown. 

Having a baby in a global pandemic was tough when all you want to do is show them off but can't.

So I comfort ate and bought all the takeaway cake options available in our area ☹ Initially, the baby weight had been falling off due to breastfeeding, but when I switched to formula after a few weeks, I continued to eat the same amount I had been before.

When I realized my weight was going back up, I thought enough is enough and signed up straight away; this was around 6 weeks after giving birth.


7 - What did you enjoy most about being a Clan Munro member?

I've loved all of it!

The daily posts are great; I read them every morning when I'm eating my breakfast to start my day off well.

The interaction with other Clan members on Instagram has been a great motivation for me; everyone is so friendly and encouraging.

The fortnightly check-ins are the best part; they really help you make sure you are on the right track at the start and keep encouraging you as you are going along.

Even when I have thought I haven't had the best fortnight and maybe wouldn't bother checking in, I've always been so glad that I did because I get something from the reply that I hadn't thought of myself.

The advice from the coaches is fantastic and is based on facts and science rather than the responses you used to get from slimming club leaders.

The advice is definitely the part I have been lacking through all my previous dieting attempts.


8 - What have you been able to achieve since become a member of the Clan?

Freedom with food is amazing, and something I never thought possible.

I now no longer have food guilt; I don't panic over an unexpected change of plans and no longer have food binges.

Food is food now; I no longer name it "good" or "bad", and because of that, I don't experience guilt if I have something I previously labelled as bad.

I have some chocolate every day, and because I don't restrict myself, I'm satisfied with a small bit and don't binge on it.

Going out for meals or coffee and cake no longer means my day is "off-plan" I work the rest of the day around it.


9 - What has exceeded your expectations since working with us? 

I have become so much more active than I ever was before.

As a family, we love to go out for walks together, and I love the change in attitude my six-year-old has for exercise now.

She walks over a mile to school most mornings without even a second thought; previously, it would have been a struggle to encourage her to walk half the distance.

I had the courage to start C25K, something that I would never have done before.


10 - Why would you recommend us to others? 

The simplicity of it all and the fact this can fit around any lifestyle.

There are no strange rules that need to be followed, all the food I eat I love.

No food is off-limits, and there is no shying away from convenience meals etc., for busy family life.

I always felt with previous plans that I had to cook everything from scratch, and then my downfall would be when busy life took over, so I would sack off cooking and order a takeaway.

Now all my meals through the week are quick, easy and foods I love to eat, so I never think I can't be bothered making it.


11 - Was there anything about Munro that surprised you? 

All the live chats are brilliant; sometimes, it doesn't matter how many times you read something. It needs someone to explain it before it sinks in.

There have been so many light bulb moments over the last year with the live chats that I wasn't expecting.

The challenges are so motivating, and then to have a prize draw at the end is just the icing on the cake!


12 - What advice would you give someone thinking about joining us?

Just do it, you won't regret it!

Although there is a lot to take in initially, the support available is amazing.

There is never any judgement or shaming like at slimming groups. 


13 - How confident are you that you can now take everything you've learned during your time with us to go on and maintain the results you've achieved? 

I am 100% confident I can do this on my own.

I started maintenance at the start of November and since then have navigated Christmas, homeschooling my eldest and going back to work.

I have change routines, but my habits have continued with no change to my weight.

I stopped tracking entirely in the middle of March, and my weight has only ever fluctuated by a couple of pounds up and down.

I know that my weight won't stay constant forever and will increase after holidays, Christmas, etc., I'm confident that a couple of weeks tracking again will take a couple of pounds off again on my own.

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