What I have LEARNED about my body has been MIND-BLOWING!

Name: Lisa
Age: 31
Start weight: 180lbs
End/Current weight: 154lbs


1 - Tell me about your previous dieting attempts.

I have never been overly heavy, but in 2016, I lost two stones with Slimming World before my wedding. I felt great, and I was happy with how I looked; after the wedding and honeymoon, I piled on the weight again because SW doesn't teach you anything other than how to follow their plan and lose weight!

And then, with two pregnancies after getting married, I was the heaviest I'd ever been and so ashamed of how I looked. 


2 - What did you hope The Munro Method would do for you?

I knew how to lose weight but didn't know how to maintain those losses. I was either losing weight with Slimming World or putting it on again when I stopped.

I got obsessed with the weekly weigh-ins.

I was delighted if I'd lost and so downhearted when I'd gained.

It sounds so silly when I say that out loud.

3 - How did you hear about us? 

I found you on Instagram; one of the slimming worlds accounts I followed had switched to you and was very successful, so I messaged her and asked for her opinion, and she recommended Munro. I followed you on Facebook for a few months before finally taking the plunge!


4 - What was it about us that stood out from other available options?

Sometimes we need to hear things straight to take action! I liked Jason's no-nonsense approach. He cuts through all the confusion and says it like it is.

I knew I could go back to Slimming World to lose the weight, but I knew I'd be in an endless cycle of losing and putting it on… eating muller yoghurts for every meal because they were 'free' 🙄 or trying to eat as much food as possible for the least amount of syn's because I could!


5 - Was there anything about our approach that almost put you off joining?

I had seen many members using protein supplements, and it was something I hadn't a clue about.

After joining, I soon realised you don't need to buy anything like that.

They can be helpful in certain circumstances and suit some people.


6 - What was it about what we do that made you bite the bullet and sign up?

I haven't a single photo of myself during my pregnancies. Nor am I in any family pictures with my children, and it breaks my heart to know that I was not present in those really important photos when my children were babies. I just knew I hated being self-conscious for the last two years of my life.

There is a family history of heart disease and type 1 diabetes, and I think when you become a parent, you start to realise that you have to get healthy for your children.

If I can't look after my health, who will look after them if something happens to me?

We are an all-girl household (my poor husband), so I knew I wanted to set a good example for my girls!


7 - What made you happiest about being a member of Clan Munro?

The online support through Instagram! I have made many friends who are also mummies to share tips, recipes, etc.

The daily posts are brilliant. I enjoy reading them, and they are uplifting and help to put things in perspective, especially throughout this last year (2020) when it could have been very easy to let myself go!


8 - What have you been able to achieve since becoming a member of the Clan?

I am so much more organised in general now, and being a busy working mammy; it has been a godsend having meal plans and prepping in advance etc.

My body has given me 31 years with very few problems and three uncomplicated pregnancies ending in healthy babies! I have learned so much about my body, the fuel it needs, the fluctuations that can happen with my monthly cycle, how my body responds to certain foods etc. I feel so much more in tune with my body and respect and look after it more.

Most importantly, I have learnt how to stop 'gaining weight'. I know how to MAINTAIN my weight loss. I now know not to cry if the scales show a 2-pound gain, and those daily fluctuations in body weight are perfectly normal.

Seven months on, I have lost 12kg, down two dress sizes, almost 3!

All during lockdown on maternity leave with three kids to care for and a husband working 60 hours per week!


9 - What's the main reason you would recommend us to others?

The knowledge that I have learnt about my own body!! It has been mind-blowing, and to be a fully qualified nurse, I thought I knew everything there was to know!! 

I love the flexibility of this way of eating; if it's someone's birthday, I can have a slice of cake with no guilt. I can have a date night with my husband and eat the chips!

It's not restrictive and doesn't label ANY foods as bad or good!


10 - Was there anything about Munro that surprised you?

The friendships and the support 🥰


11 - How confident are you that you can now take everything you've learned with us to go on and maintain the results you've achieved?

There is a bit of reading to do initially.

 It can be tricky for the first few weeks to figure out which foods to eat to balance out your diet, but in the long run, it is far better than being handed a meal plan of 10 meals to eat over and over for the rest of your life.

You'll learn far more from figuring it out as you go with the help of the coaches at your check-ins.

You'll be making meals you enjoy using ingredients you like and know will help you stay fuller for longer to achieve your weight loss goal. And nothing is off-limits, so you're never missing out.


12 -How confident are you that you can now take everything you've learned during your time with us to go on and maintain the results you've achieved?

VERY confident.

I relaxed over Easter and indulged in chocolate.

After dipping back into tracking for a week, I'm back down to my normal weight range again after losing the chocolate bloat.

That's one of the great things about tracking; I can go back to MFP (My Fitness Pal) any time to see where I'm at with my diet.


13 - Is there anything else you'd like to add about your time with us?

It has been THE BEST thing I've ever done for myself!!

Self-care isn't always facials and spa days.

Self-care is looking after the body we are all blessed to have. 

Your health is your wealth! 

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