With no real dieting history Lorna got IN, got it DONE and got ON HER WAY!

Name: Lorna
Age: 28
Start weight: 141lbs
End/Current weight: 120lbs


1 - Tell me about your previous dieting attempts.

My previous dieting attempts are pretty non-existent, to be honest.

I was an active child and never had any issues with my weight.

The first time I was really aware of weight being a thing was guidance teacher at school once dragged me into her office with concerns I had an eating disorder because I had lost a bit of weight, but I was just very active and having a growth spurt at the same time.

The first time I gained any significant weight was going to university for the first time and the alcohol and takeaways that goes along with that.

I never specifically 'dieted' after that, my weight just returned to what it was once I settled into a routine, and the partying slowed down a little.

After that, there was always the wee inkling that I would like to lose weight from my stomach, but I had enough motivation to achieve it so never took any decisive action I dabbled in running over the years to try to shift a bit of weight.

Still, I never changed anything about my nutrition.

It was only after discovering I had reached the heaviest I have ever been in my life a couple of months into lockdown that I felt I needed to take action which is when I decided to join Munro.


2 - What was it you hoped The Munro Method would do for you?

The big thing for me was reducing the size of my tummy.

I have a relatively average frame, and whenever I would try dresses on for going out socially, it would always be 'aw it's nice, it's a shame my stomach is sticking out or clinging to the material.'

I also wanted to feel fitter again, I had an on/off relationship with running, and I wanted it to become something I did for enjoyment and for it to be part of my routine and not just to punish myself for whatever I had been eating and drinking. 


3 - How did you hear about us?

I was fortunate that roughly a year before I joined, I saw a post from someone I knew that said she had lost two and a half stone with the help of Munro. I then followed the Instagram account without taking any action for the best part of a year until I finally pulled my finger out and joined, thankfully!


4 - What was it about us that stood out from other available options?

I never really considered any other options, to be honest.

The evidence of someone losing two stone was enough for me to think this approach would hopefully work for me

I had heard of other groups indirectly from colleagues in staffrooms talking about what juice diet they were on or SW and WW.

None of that appealed to me, especially the juice diet as I enjoy eating meals too much.

The amount of truth exposed about SW and WW on the Munro account was enough to put me off them too.

I liked the group being called 'Munro Nutrition,' it didn't make you feel like it was all about weight loss, that there was more to the group than that and Jason himself was a big selling point for the as he practices what he preaches and is a great role model for you to aspire to be like.

Best decision I made joining was Clan Munro!


5 - Did anything almost put you off coming to work with us?

I remember looking into joining Munro when I first started following on Instagram.

At the time I thought to myself 'awf I'm not paying money to lose weight, I should manage that myself.'

At that point, I wouldn't have had much weight to lose at all.

It was only when I realized I was the heaviest I have ever been that I decided I needed to take genuine decisive action and make this investment in myself. Initially, the idea of tracking all my food intake sounded like a bit of an inconvenience, but once you get to know MyfitnessPal works, it gets quicker and easier to do.

It was when the pain of staying the same exceeded the problem of paying a subscription and tracking food that I finally took the plunge and joined, and I am so grateful I did!


6 - What made you bite the bullet and sign up?

The main factor was that I felt unhappy in myself and with how I looked, I was heavier than I wanted to be.

I started to dread putting on my clothes as I knew they would be tight on.

I checked my BMI, and I was at the upper end of what would be a 'healthy weight' for someone my height. I knew then that if I carried on the way I was, it would not be long until I was classed as overweight.

One stand out Instagram post on the Munro page said: 'You can't get a new result with an old habit' which really hit home with me that I am not going to be able to lose the significant amount of weight I wanted to by just carrying on as what was normal to me at the time. 


7 - What did you enjoy most about being a Clan Munro member?

There are so many things.

There is just so much fantastic information on nutrition and the weight loss process as a whole.

Clan Munro is such a supportive community to be a part of where we celebrate fellow members' progress and successes in their weight loss journeys.

The approach is so flexible that it can suit anyone's food tastes or lifestyle.

It is made clear to us that one meal where more calories than usual are consumed is not going to ruin your progress.

We are also made aware of the science behind fat-loss, so we have a realistic idea of our rate of progress.

We are provided with knowledge on how to approach social occasions which can result in consuming more calories, whether it is 'banking calories in advance' or just having a clear strategy before going.

I have been blown away by the progress I have made with the guidance from Jason, Louise and the team.

I never dreamed of being in the position of thinking about the maintenance after only 12 weeks!

The live chats and daily posts are also very beneficial to make you think about your own lifestyle, not just in terms of fat loss but in all aspects.

Finally, being able to check in with coaches every two weeks has been so helpful to keep motivation high, and the coaches are always so kind and encouraging but are also not shy in giving you a kick up the backside if you need it! 


8 - What have you been able to achieve since becoming a member of the Clan?

Since joining the Clan, I have lost 10.4kg or 23lbs, which I cannot believe!

The number on the scale isn't even the half of it though.

I feel fitter, more energetic, and I have a higher motivation in all aspects of my life than I ever have.

I now love running, I'm out three times a week, after managing 5km in 26 minutes I am currently working towards a 10km time goal and joined a virtual running group.

I have so much more confidence in myself now.

All my clothes feel great now, even clothes that have not fitted properly in a long time. I just have a feeling that I can tackle anything now, which was not the case before I joined the Clan.

Another big thing is I am so much more mindful of my alcohol intake and how it definitely affected my weight and general health, not only with the calories involved but also with wasted days hungover etc.

I now enjoy alcohol in much more moderation which is more in keeping with the healthy lifestyle I want to live.


9 - What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

I never expected being part of Clan Munro to affect my motivation in my work and home life so much

I am more motivated to get household tasks done even if it is late, and I am a little tired.

I am also more productive in my work which I think is because life is less of a struggle with less weight to lug around ha!

I also get less wound up by things that would have annoyed me before, which is a tribute to Jason's focus on mindset as well as the physical process of fat loss.

I wasn't particularly unhappy before joining the Clan, but I feel so much more grateful and content in the life I get to live.


10 - Why would you recommend us to others?

I think the lifechanging results that so many members of Clan Munro and the inspirational stories people on their weight loss journeys should speak for themselves!

If it is the cost of joining that puts you off, I would say what better thing can you think of investing in than your health?

You only get one shot at this life and its definitely worth giving yourself the best chance at living a healthy one.

Munro gives you the tools not only to lose weight but also to maintain the weight loss, so you don't end up at square one again.

I was maybe a little embarrassed at having to reach out for help for weight loss especially when I lived the majority of my life with minimal issues with my weight, and no one in my family had weight issues.

But as soon as I joined that embarrassment went away as the community is so supportive and there is no judgement from anyone.  


11 - Was there anything about Munro that surprised you?

The specific guides on eating out at specific events such as BBQs, Christmas and even calorie guides for popular restaurants are so handy to have so that you can make informed choices even when you are not cooking your food.

Munro even provides guidance on how to tackle a meal out, which I found particularly beneficial. A live chat Jason did on comfort zones, and managing emotions helped me win my first ever golf club championship which has been a lifelong ambition of mine! 


12 - What advice would you give someone thinking about joining us?

I would say, don't think twice and join this fantastic group.

If you throw yourself into the approach Munro teaches the results will come and will really surprise you! 


12 - How confident are you that you can now take everything you've learned during your time with us to go on and maintain the results you've achieved?

Completely confident.

We are armed with so much information on maintenance that we are so well prepared for success. Because I feel mentally and physically the best I have in my life, I am so motivated to maintain this lifestyle.


13 - How confident are you that you can now take everything you've learned during your time with us to go on and maintain the results you've achieved? 

All I want to say THANK YOU to Jason, Louise and the team for helping me turn my life around in so many ways, and my confidence is now sky high in every aspect of my life! 

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