About Us

What separates The Munro Method from everything else out there?

The problem with MOST diets...


Every problem has a solution. But you need to make sure you're coming up with the RIGHT solution to the RIGHT problem. 

And this is where most diets get it wrong. They want you to believe that your weight is the problem.

It isn't.

Your weight is the RESULT of numerous other problems. Your weight doesn't go up and down by itself and for no reason, it goes where you tell it to go through your actions and choices.

Sure, you can follow any diet in the world and, provided it helps create the conditions in the body for fat loss, you will lose weight.


If that same diet doesn't help you identify, understand and change anything about the underlying reasons behind why you gained weight in the first place, your results are only ever going to be temporary.


How do we work?


Your old knowledge.
Your old mindset.
Your old Slimming World books. 

Everything you thought you knew about diet, food, the scales and how your body works, goes in the BIN

We start afresh, as a blank canvas, free from the decades of dieting nonsense and misinformation you've accumulated through years of dieting.


We will take you on an evidence-based, Nutrition mini-course.

You do not need to know a SINGLE THING about Nutrition, we're going to TEACH YOU everything you need to know (and nothing that you don't) in a 1-hour crash course.

After that, we'll calculate your personal nutrition figures for you. These will be TAILORED and SPECIFIC to YOU and YOUR goals. One size does not fit all and we all have different need.


Within just a few hours, you will be ready to get started. As each day passes, your knowledge will grow, your mindset will start to shift, and new habits will begin to form. We are on hand MON-FRI to motivate, inspire and guide you every step of the way. 1-2-1 members will check in with our team regularly to review progress and make any changes and adjustments to ensure you are always on the right track and making the best possible progress.


If you follow our approach and put everything we teach and encourage into practice, with our team in your corner, I GUARANTEE you will get results.

I don't make that claim lightly, but what we do is based in science, not make-believe, which is why I can guarantee you will progress towards whichever goal you have in mind.

Support + Time + Effort = RESULTS


I'm Jason Munro


Like most of you that will find your way to this page, I spent most of my adult life chasing my weight up and down. 

October 2016, 30 years old and a father for the first time to my 1-year-old son, I decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH. There HAD TO be a better way.

Plenty of people in the world manage to maintain their weight without yo-yo dieting; why couldn't I be one of them??

That is where my journey into Nutrition and my PASSION for helping others began. I've maintained my weight ever since.

This journey led me to study Nutrition and become an MNU Certified Nutritionist.

Once I realised the demographic of people I would mostly be working with, I followed this up with additional study through EIQ Nutrition to help better serve and understand the mindset and struggles of the people I would go on to work with.

 I've created THE MUNRO METHOD as a platform where I can help you break free from the never-ending battle with your weight and create a future free from dieting...

“Your service is above and beyond anything I think is available anywhere else.

— Emma, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member

I love the personal check-in videosSO much helpful info, it’s like you’re sat in the kitchen with me!

— Sharon, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member

love the video feedback – it makes me feel like I’m sitting with you as you go through everything

— Wendy, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member


Why I Do It


Some of my earliest memories are of my own mother (pictured) standing on the scales. My gran used to come over every Thursday night so she could go to her "class" though I never understood what that class was.

I remember her standing in the kitchen gazing into the cupboards and fridge asking herself "what am I allowed to eat".

I was too young to understand back then but, having helped tens of thousands of men and women since 2018, I know how damaging and disordered this was for my mum and still is for the hundreds of thousands of people that attend weekly slimming classes. 

It took a while, but my mum finally sat me down one day and asked me for help.

"18 weeks in and I've lost 31lbs, who'd have thought you didn't need to starve to lose weight and you could still go on holiday, eat out and have takeaways? I can't believe it's taken me 28 years to stop the binging and starvation cycle of dieting. All thanks to the man I'm proud to call my son ❤️"

My mum's story is not an uncommon one and my goal is to free as many people from the clutches of the yo-yo diet industry as I can.


“I wish you'd been around 20 years ago, I get so angry and upset when I think about the two decades I've wasted at Slimming World

— Claire, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member

I have learned more from you in this 20-minute video than I have in 35 years of slimming classes.

— Suzie, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member

The information and reassurance you provided in such a small space of time on my check-in videos is second to none.

— Leanne, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member


"I have been maintaining my weight since January 2022! I decided to leave Munro in May 2022 and have maintained my weight ever since. I joined Munro on 26th October 2021, and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself."

— Lavinia, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member

"As far back as I can remember, I've always been on some form of diet. I've wasted so much time and effort going on diets over the summer then, over the winter, eating rubbish and piling the weight back on. Thanks to Munro, I'm free from that now!"

— Dana, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member

"Being a munro member hasn't just been about losing weight. It's been an education and one I'd recommend to anyone."

— Claire, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member

"I'm the most relaxed I have ever been around food and I've also lost over two stone. It just shows your method works! I've never felt better or more excited for the future."

— Penny, 1-2-1 Group Coaching Member