If you are sick of wasting £1000's and years of your life chasing your weight up and down, I created The Munro Method to help you.

You can't get back the time, effort, money and tears you've wasted on your weight so far. But what you can do, is learn how to lose weight for the last time so you can live a life free from dieting.

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Do you feel like you've tried everything to lose weight?

I hear you.

In fact, I hear it from almost everyone that comes to work with me.

Our first interaction is usually them telling me about their extensive diet history spanning 10, 20, 30, 40+ years.

"You name it, I've tried it," they say...

Here's the cold, hard truth you must hear if you want to stop dieting forever.

You have not tried everything...

You have tried the same thing over and over again.

Different names...

Different branding...

Different plans...

Different cost...

SAME approach.

Here's how they all work...

  • You sign up and start following their plan, which does two things...
    • 1 - You stop following your "normal" diet, which helped you gain weight in the first place.
    • 2 - You replaced it with the list of rules and approved foods the plan encourages.
  • You force yourself to follow it long enough to reach your target or as close as you can manage.
  • Because these plans make most of their money from return customers, they need you to regain the weight you lose, so they don't teach you anything you can use in the real world.
  • You try your best to maintain your weight on your own, but you get sick of trying to force yourself to be #OnPlan and to go back to "normal" (the same normal that led you to gain weight in the first place).
  • You gradually regain the weight you lose and, potentially, more.
  • You start researching new diets, and the cycle starts all over again. 

Rinse and repeat for most of your adult life.

Sound familiar?

If so...

You, my friend, are no different to the 14,000+ men and women I've been using The Munro Method to help since 2018.


Like these guys...

A busy working mum of 4, Marnie lost three stone during her first attempt at Slimming World.

But, because she didn't know how to eat without the plan, she immediately regained the lost weight, and more when she left SW.

And so began a 9-year battle where she would leave and rejoin SW up to 5 times each year, trying to fight her way back to a lower weight.

In 2019, Marnie stumbled across me and by 2020, she had lost over seven stone.

The best part?

Marnie is now someone I call a friend and is still maintaining her weight today using the basic principles she learned inside The Munro Method.

Her story was so incredible it was picked up by the National Press and featured in the Mirror.

Jade worked with me inside The Munro Method for six months in 2019. 

In July 2023, she reached out on Instagram with the photo and message above.

Here she is, FOUR years after working with me and still maintaining her weight and getting EXCITED about a family holiday instead of dreading it.

Andy works off-shore, and his annual survival course refresher and medicals filled him with dread. He wasn't sure how many more years he could scrape through them.

Andy would dabble in crash diets for a few months before each medical, pass it, and then go right back to normal.

He worked with me for EXACTLY 12 months.

1st June 2019 - 1st June 2020

Today, Andy is still living life at maintenance and gets through his courses and medicals with EASE.

Nikki is one of THE most consistent people I have ever worked with and someone I am proud to call a friend now, be it an Insta-friend.

Nikki was one of the many ex-cover stars we've had in the group, having featured on the cover of WW magazine many moons ago, marketed as a "success" story when she went on to regain all the weight she lost, and more.

After WW, Nikki lost herself to the one:one diet and would develop very disordered eating patterns featuring A LOT of low-calorie shakes.

A huge part of her journey with us was working to resolve these disordered eating issues and re-train the way her brain thought about REAL food.

Are you ready to turn your back on the yo-yo diet industry and finally learn what it takes to lose weight once and for all?

The sooner you get started, the sooner we can help you reach your goal!

Start making progress towards your goals TODAY!

Who am I, and why might you want to listen to me? 

I'm Jason Munro, a Nutritionist from Falkirk, in Central Scotland.  

Before 2018, I was just like you...

A guy locked in a never-ending battle with his weight after witnessing his mum's 20+ years of yo-yo dieting.

To say I had picked up some disordered thoughts and habits when it came to eating would be an understatement...

In 2017 I cracked the code and have maintained my weight ever since.

And in January 2018, I named my approach The Munro Method and started using it to help thousands of people overcome years of abuse at the hands of the diet industry so they could move closer to a life free from dieting.

And I want to help you achieve the same...

Is The Munro Method right for you?

Most people go through life trying to lose weight the wrong way.

The people that join The Munro Method tend to be in this position, so tell me if this sounds familiar...

You've done 'things' to make the scales go down.

You've followed plans with the desired outcome being a lower weight.

And while those probably did help you get a result, the result didn't last long...

And I know why.

You've been trying to solve the wrong problem.

You think you have a weight problem, so you focus on that.

But the reality is...

Your weight is the outcome of numerous other problems.

And the reason you keep failing to stay at your new lower weight when you reach it is because you don't address those numerous other issues.

You keep trying to take the short route and bypass them all to get to the weight-changing pat...

The Munro Method is not another weight loss diet...

It's a process designed to address all of those little, niggling issues that contribute to the direction of your weight. 

During our time working together, we'll reveal, address and overcome each of them so that THIS TIME, you can lose weight for the LAST TIME.

Still not sure?

Tap the button below and take the 12-question quiz to find out if we're a good fit to work together.👇 

Take a look behind the scenes...


How much does it cost?

Is the wrong question...
It's the question that keeps you returning to the "cheap and (not-so) cheerful" options.
£5.95 per week might be cheap, but is it efficient?
Run the numbers...
Let's say it takes six months to reach your target, and it costs you £5.95 per week = £154.70
Add some magazines, recipe books, branded meals/bars, travel expenses and childcare... and we'll call it £300
If that were where the story ended, that would be pretty worth it, right?
£300 to achieve your weight loss dreams isn't a bad deal.

But, for 87% of people, this isn't the end of the story; it's only the beginning.

The plans you follow are designed with your future return custom in mind.
They're well aware they aren't teaching you anything you can use to succeed in the real world.
They convince you that your success depends on your attachment to their plan, so you keep going back.
Ten years and £3000 later, you're heavier than when you first started dieting.
Not to mention the hundreds of hours and effort involved in travelling to and from and sitting through meetings.
The social occasions you had to turn down so you could stay "on plan".
The family meal times were ruined as you sat eating your "on plan" meal, wishing you were eating what everyone else was.

I created The Munro Method to be everything the yo-yo diet industry isn't.

Success, in my eyes, is taking you to your goal and ensuring you have all the tools, knowledge and skills to stay there on your own.
This is where efficiency is more important than cost.
You can keep paying £300 a year to keep losing and gaining the same weight every year.
Or you can work with someone who wants to show you how to reach your target and, far more importantly, stay there. 

Before we go any further.

There's something you need to know about us... 

A characteristic all plans in the diet industry share is that they welcome you back with open arms multiple times each year.

There's no limit to how often you can leave and re-join.

They'll put flyers through your door or send you Facebook Messages telling you how much they "miss you at group".

Is it any wonder you're trapped in this never-ending diet cycle?

You're following plans that allow you to treat your health and, by extension, your weight as something you only focus on for a few weeks or months before returning to "normal" and undoing your hard work.

Our unique cancellation no-return policy.

You are free to cancel and leave us at any time.

No hassle.
No questions asked.
No begging you to stay.

We don't tie you in with a contract.

We don't need to.

Our members stay with us because they want to, but...

Once you leave, you can't come back.

Not right away, at least. 

When you cancel your membership with us, you'll enter a 6-month cooldown period during which you can't re-join us.


Because I don't want you to treat what we do like another yo-yo diet, you can dip in and out of multiple times per year...

The Munro Method is unlike anything you've done before.

If you dip in and out for a month at a time like you may have done elsewhere, it won't work.

Your decades of dieting experiences and accumulated "knowledge" will not be undone and resolved in just a few weeks...

It's going to take time.

My job is to ensure that, when you leave us, you have all the tools, knowledge and skills to succeed on your own, so you don't need to come back. 

Which is why I created this policy.

I put this policy in place so you can't treat Munro as just another diet to add to your lengthy dieting history.

At this point, many people will close this window and go off to find something a little less 'serious'.

And that's ok.

They're not ready to work with us... yet.

They have a few more years of yo-yo dieting to get out of their system before they realise these plans can't help them get to where they want to be.

For the select few of you who are nodding along and realising this is exactly what you need, you are who we want to work with.

So let's find out the cost...

Nutritionists typically charge a minimum of £100 per hour for their time; at Munro, we charge MUCH LESS for unlimited access to our Nutritionists.

By coaching you individually in a supportive, group setting online, we can charge much less than a 1-hour session with an in-person Nutritionist. Not bad when you consider most people are paying £24-£30 per month to attend Slimming Groups run by consultants using before & after photos as qualifications.

Monthly Membership


billed monthly until cancelled

  • Unlimited access to QUALIFIED NUTRITIONISTS
    (not unqualified consultants)
  • Done-for-you personalised nutrition goals
  • Bi-weekly check-ins with me and my co-coach, Louise
  • In-depth diet & mindset analysis with pre-recorded video feedback at every check-in
  • Continuous progress reviews and adjustments to ensure you're always making the best possible progress
  • Free entry to all of our challenges & prize giveaways (optional)
  • Discounted options when committing to work with us for 3, 6 or 12 months (on next page)

cancel any time


Couples Membershp


billed monthly until cancelled

  • NEW FOR 2024
  • Provides all the same benefits as our standard single membership at £48, but you both receive a discount when you join as a couple
  • Discounted options when committing to work with us for 3, 6 or 12 months (on next page)

cancel any time


If you are ready to leave the yo-yo diet life behind and finally learn what it takes to lose weight for the last time, click the button below and start your journey now.

Start making progress towards your goals TODAY!

Why should you join right now?


Every day you spend trying to change your weight is a day of your life you'll never get back.

No matter how much the scales come down if they're not coming down the RIGHT way, the weight you lose is all but guaranteed to go back on again. 

The Munro Method is not a diet plan.

Yes, you will lose weight...

But, it's going to happen as a by-product of the process.

A process designed to help you uncover the hidden reasons behind why your weight keeps going to a place where you don't want it to be.

And as we work to resolve each of these things, we gradually transform you into the person you need to become to maintain your new, lower weight once you reach that goal. 

I'm giving away all my secrets here, but this is THE pathway to losing weight for the last time.

We're almost at the end, and now, you have a pretty straightforward decision to make


Option 1

Keep doing what you're doing...

You can close this page right now and sign up once again with the more familiar and comfortable option.

Maybe, you'll reach that goal weight for the umpteenth time, and you'll get to enjoy it for a few weeks.

But pretty soon, you'll go back to 'normal'.

The same normal that led you to want to lose weight in the first place.

And that will be you for another year as you sit around, miserable, tired, bloated and sluggish, waiting for motivation to come from somewhere to carry you through the next diet attempt.

If you enjoy yo-yo dieting and want to spend the rest of your life paying hundreds of pounds to lose and gain the same weight over and over again, pick this option.


Option 2

You commit to lasting change and experience what it feels like to regain control of your diet.

You enjoy food FREEDOM following our inclusive approach, which puts n food or drinks out of reach.

You check in with me regularly, where I go through all the data to ensure you are always on track and making the best possible progress towards your goal.

Not only will you lose the weight you want to lose, but you'll also become the person you need to be to go on and maintain your new, lower weight.

Which is how we free you from a lifetime of dieting.

Join The Munro Method Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once you sample Social Launch, you can see for yourself if everything I say is true and if it's what you need to get clarity with your content strategy and start generating leads from Instagram. If you get to the end of the first month and decide it's not for you, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Think about it like this.

You don't buy a new house without taking a look inside, and you don't buy a new car without taking it for a test drive. You sample the goods first. Social Launch is the same.

So whether it's 28 minutes or 28 days from now, if you're not happy, I'm not happy, and I'd prefer to give you your money back.

I'm making this bold guarantee because I'm confident that when you join Social Launch, you'll quickly realise it's the smartest decision you've made all year.

So you've got two options, both zero risk. Although, crucially, only one has the potential to get you to your goal fast.

👉 Option 1: Decide to stay on the outside and keep plugging away alone.

👉 Option 2: Start the Social Launch course, risk-free. Get 4 weeks of content market insights to grow your social media and start getting consistent leads. Then, at the end of 4 weeks, you can make an informed decision about whether Social Launch is for you.

It's what I call my punch a puppy guarantee.

After 28 days of Social Launch, if you wouldn't punch a puppy to see the course through, you don't have to. I'll refund every penny.

Does that sound fair?


P.S. I don't want you actually to punch a puppy. You get the idea, eh.

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