Real-life stories and experiences from our Munro Method Graduates

Marnie lost 100lbs and dropped 6 dress sizes

Read how this working mother to 4 kids implemented The Munro Method in and around her life to not only lose 100lbs, but go on and maintain that ever since

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Kerry brought 16 years of EXTREME yo-yo dieting to an end and lost 42lbs

Kerry had a very lengthy diet history featuring a lot of crash dieting and extreme approaches. Even going so far as to use laxatives to make sure she saw a loss at WW on weight day.

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Yorkshireman calls something "value for money"!

A story of one of the rare male variety we have inside our private coaching platform. Pete lost a staggering 75lbs during his time with us and, more importantly, has gone on to maintain that for years since.

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Andy lost 93lbs to be healthier for his son.

Working off-shore, Andy had to go through regular survival training refreshers and medicals which he would crash diet to get through before piling the weight back on again. That was, until he found Munro. 

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From Body Coach struggler to Munro maintainer.

Lavinia realised it wasn't just weight she had to lose, she had to lose the poor relationship with food she had developed during her time following the Body Coach plan.

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Emma's PCOS miracle.

Keen to start a family, Emma joined us as part of her efforts to qualify for IVF and get help to create the best possible conditions inside her body to allow the magic to happen...

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Former WW Cover Star finds Food Freedom with Munro.

Nikki's incredible story will give you a glimpse into the disordered world of Weight Watchers and what's really going on behind the smiles of the people you see on the covers of their magazines.

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At 24, Dana has Lost Weight for the Last Time.

Danna on her confidence about maintaining her new, low weight: "Knowing what I know now, I will never be able to let myself get as big as I was EVER again. My whole outlook and my relationship with food has changed forever."

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Amy found food FREEDOM with Munro.

A former yo-yo dieter with a lengthy history, Amy loved the science behind our approach and the way we explained that the things her body does, particularly around weight fluctuations, are perfectly normal.

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Lisa didn't think FOOD FREEDOM was possible, until now...

With a diet history spanning over a DECADE, Lisa thought the only way she could manage her weight was by following Weight Watchers. That was, until she found Munro.

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Lorna got IN and got it DONE in just 12 weeks!

"I have been blown away by the progress I have made with the guidance from Jason, Louise and the team. I never dreamed of being in the position of thinking about the maintenance after only 12 weeks!".

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After 40 years, Julie just wanted to STOP dieting.

Julie has been successfully maintaining her weight for 3+ years after working with us. Come read how she brought 40 years of yo-yo dieting to an END using The Munro Method.

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Martin loved the SIMPLICITY of it all!

"Munro cuts through the dieting myths and shows you that you can eat what you want and lose weight. Most diets seem to promote the boomerang mentality, so you always come back to them. But with Munro, they don't want to see you come back".

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Lisa wanted to stop HIDING in those all-important FAMILY PHOTOS.

"it breaks my heart to know that I was not present in those really important photos when my children were babies."

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Adjoa wanted something STRUCTUREDSUSTAINABLE!

After wasting time at both Slimming World & Weight Watchers, Adjoa just wanted to follow approach that dealt with real-world Nutrition, not disordered eating with syns, points and free foods. 

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Laura thought she was stuck in a PLATEAU before she joined MUNRO.

"I cannot believe that for LESS than the cost of SW, I am now getting personalised one-to-one help and support with my relationship with food, health and nutrition!"

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Lynsey didn't JUST want to lose weight for her WEDDING!

Sure, she wanted to lose weight for her big day BUT, she didn't want it to go like every other weight loss attempt where she'd achieve her goal and immediately start putting it all back on again. That's when we stepped in.

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Claire wanted to BREAK the YO-YO diet cycle once and for all.

A single parent to 2 young kids, Claire took The Munro Method and implemented it to fit in with her life. Now her weight is coming down to meet her at her new lifestyle.

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Ashleigh had never been exposed to the HARSH dieting world!

"I am SO glad I joined when I did and didn’t let things spiral further out of control".

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Shane was searching for the QUICK-FIX and ended up with theĀ LIFE-LONG fix.

Trapped in a life-long cycle of gaining weight through the winter and crash dieting in the Spring, Shane stumbled across us and ended up solving the problem forever.

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